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loveys: security and style 

“Loveys” are comfort items that a child bonds with, which bring them a sense of safety and peace. Studies have shown many benefits of purposeful loveys, but before your child starts to become attached to the garish blanket that has seen better days, check out our loveys below. We’ve paired each lovey with some decor pieces that we think would be extra cute in your child’s nursery or big kid room! Loveys also make great gift ideas!

styling your “lovey”

We have 4 precious loveys for you and your little one to fall in love with, as well as some other decor suggestions to appease your nesting-nature! Each lovey features a snuggly-companion clutching a blanket, small enough to travel with but large enough to keep your child cozy.


For the color-loving cuties in your life, we think you’ll love this little rainbow, so much so that we couldn’t help but add a few more decor ideas!

1) Vertical Rainbow Wall Hanging

Image from Crate & Kids

The cute macrame style art isn’t just for adults! This hanging wall art gives you all the options you could want for soft accent colors that simply can’t clash!

2) Rainbow Abacus

Wanting a toy to develop those fine motor skills that is also adorable? This is the addition you’re looking for!

3) Rainbow Zig Zag Rug

Image from West Elm

A soft, patterned rug that adds colors in more subtle way and could even be used in a room of your house that isn’t child-related because it is just THAT cute!

4) Elsi Rainbow Mural

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

Now this is the kind of wall art that [only slightly] rivals those accidental wall doodles of your future craft queens and kings. This gentle, watercolor art is sure to stimulate that creativity in your child!

5) Pastel Fabric Rainbow Storage

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

We are seriously tempted to put these in more rooms than just the kids’ for those that need just a little more life in them! We can’t get enough of these useful, flexible storage bins; they are colorful and versatile in the best way.

6) Rainbow Yarn Wall Art

Image from RH Baby & Child

I mean… Right!? If things are getting a little too colorful (is that possible??), this art keeps the rainbow while settling down the color palette.

7) Grimms Rainbow Toy

Image from Scandiborn

There are a variety of ways to both style and play with this piece- that means fun for both parent and child!



Our sweet Elephant is a neutral gray, with satin lining and a slight tuft of black hair. Here are a few pieces that would transform your nursery:

1) Paper Elephant Art

Image from RHBaby&Child

We love this wall decor! Continuing the soothing gray tones, the paper texture gives subtle dimension to the room.

2) Watercolor Elephant Art

Image from RHBaby&Child

We couldn’t help but include this sweet, joyful elephant!

3) Elephant Shaped Storage

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

How cute is this! Keep the theme going with this small bin, a perfect combination of practical and precious!

4) Antique Elephant Bookends

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

Start your child’s love of reading early with these sweet additions to the shelf!

5) Elephant Coin Bank

Image from ZGallerie

Finally, encourage your child to start saving with this sweet little back, which matches quite perfectly with the bookends!


This smiling little flower in shades of pink shows off its green leaf with flair! Here are some pieces we suggest if this lovey is the style you’re going for:

1) Pink Flower Pouf

Image from RHBaby & Child

This pouf is a magical way to include seating and flowers into the room. We just can’t get enough!

2) Paper Flower Art

Image from RH Baby & Child

Of course, we had to suggest some wall art! We love the delicate details of this bouquet!

3) Grace Flower Night Light

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

This night light offers a warm glow while continuing the pink nature themes.

4) Grace Flower Flush Mount

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

If you’re looking for a little more light, this should do the trick!

5) White Paper Crepe Flowers

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

Add these delicate beauties anywhere- on the wall, the door, whatever surface that needs a little more flora. 

6) Flower Crown Wall Mirror

Image from Crate & Kids

Finally, finish the room with this beautiful mirror!


We love this bear! With caramel tones, this theme is sure to be down-to-earth and cozy!

1) Porcelain Bear Nightlight

Image from RH Baby & Child

Nothing could be safer than having this friend to keep guard while your child sleeps!

2) Wicker Bear Hamper

Keeping with the natural, warm tones, this hamper is sure to keep your child’s room tidy… or at least fun!

3) Jumbo Teddy Bear

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning one of these?

4) Wooden Bear

Image from Scandiborn

The addition of a wood accent is perfect for a bear-themed room, whether it’s hanging or sitting!

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