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christmas wrapping made easy

Congrats on finishing your Christmas shopping! You’ve found the perfect gifts for your family, and your Blaand Boutique order has been delivered.  Now comes the hard part: wrapping that massive pile of presents. If you find yourself dreading it, you’re not alone. But just blast your favorite holiday tunes and follow these foolproof steps to make your gifts look so good, even Santa and the elves will be impressed!

gather your supplies

First things first, clear a wide, flat space (like your kitchen or dining room table) and get all your gift-wrapping supplies together. Here’s what you’ll need:

Good quality wrapping paper

The thicker, the better! Thicker wrapping paper won’t tear as easily, and it’ll make your folds nice and crisp. Look for a roll that has a grid pattern on the back to make measuring and cutting a breeze.


Many people swear by using double-sided tape for the neatest seams. If you don’t have any on hand, rip several pieces of scotch tape and stick them to the edge of your table, so you’re not fumbling with the dispenser while you’re wrapping.


Use good sharp scissors with a comfortable handle to keep your hand from cramping up as you tackle that pile of presents.

Multiple styles of festive ribbon

When you’re making a bow to put the final touch on your gift, it’s best to use different widths and textures of ribbon.

Zip ties

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make a bow with zip ties, which you most likely already have lying around the house.

Gift boxes

It’s much simpler to wrap something square or rectangular, so make your life easier and stock up on boxes for your gifts.

Gift tags

A personalized tag always adds a nice touch to your gift.

christmas wrapping made easy

Once you’ve got your present securely in a gift box, roll out your wrapping paper and lay the box face down in the middle. Cut the paper long enough so that when it’s wrapped around the sides, each end makes it a little more than halfway across the width of the box. Measure carefully – having too much paper is just as aggravating as not having enough! Tape one end of the paper to the bottom of the box, and wrap the other side around the box, keeping it nice and tight, then tape it down. If your cut is uneven or jagged, you can fold it down a bit for a cleaner look.

With the present seam-side up still, fold the top of one of the open ends down over the side, and secure it with tape. Then, fold and crease the corners into a pointed triangle shape. Do the same with the other side, and tape the flaps shut, again making sure to keep them tight before taping. Voila! A perfectly wrapped present that even Santa would approve of!

present wrapped without the bow
end result!

how to make a big, beautiful bow

Making an eye-catching bow to top your presents is easier than you think! Just grab your festive ribbons and follow these steps:

1. Wrap your widest ribbon around the center of the present to use as your base.

2. Decide how many ribbons you want to use, and cut them all to different lengths. The longest should be no more than a yard.

3. Form each individual ribbon into a figure 8, then secure it with a zip tie.

4. Once all of your ribbons are individually zip-tied, pinch them together, and use another zip tie to connect them all together.

bow made with zip tie
zip tied

5. Snip off the ends of each zip tie.

6. Fluff the bows how you like them.

7. Using another zip tie, attach your bunch of figure 8 bows to the base ribbon.

8. Cut another, shorter piece of ribbon (preferably one without wire) and wrap it around the center of the bow to hide all the zip ties.

bows made with zip-ties
hidden zip ties

9. Attach your personalized tag.

Landry smiling next to present
Landry modeling our wrapped gift!

10. Ta-da! Present perfection!

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