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boutique spotlight: indigo & lellow

We’re all about providing fashion-forward parents, godparents, and grandparents plenty of options for keeping their kids cute and cozy throughout all seasons. As spring approaches and Easter hovers on the horizon, the time is right to take a look at what trends are rising in children’s clothing and stock up with fresh options.

We’re excited to spotlight an extremely cool new brand we’re partnering with, Indigo & Lellow. Based in Australia, this brand endeavors to provide children’s clothing options that are:

  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Organic

This is wonderful, because as we all know, babies’ skin can be extremely sensitive:

Babies often have tiny blocked pores known as milia. These pores look like little tiny pimples, but they’re not a sign of infection. They go away on their own as your baby grows. A baby’s skin is also susceptible to heat rashes. As your baby ages, you’ll be able to learn what they’re sensitive to and how to better avoid conditions that cause these rashes.

Fortunately, all Indigo & Lellow products are soft, gentle, and eco-friendly. They are the perfect choice for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Best of all, we love these cute looks!

cute looks from indigo & lellow

Here are a few of the freshest options we’re now carrying at Blaand.

Balloon Bunny Muslin Wrap

A gentle cream backdrop patterned with whimsical bunnies floating away on balloons—what’s not to love?

These bamboo and organic cotton blend muslin wraps are wonderfully soft to the touch and are equally easy on the eyes.  They look just as good thrown over the back of a chair in the nursery as they do wrapped around a sleeping baby tucked into a stroller or car seat.

Hot Air Balloon Bunny Muslin Wrap

With a slightly brighter color palette than the product noted above, this particular muslin wrap carries all the visual freshness of a bright spring morning. It’s perfect to wrap your baby in for a stroll down the sidewalk, a walk in the park, or a visit to a favorite sunny spot.

Balloon Bunny Kimono Romper

Kimono onesies have all the convenience of a classic onesie with a more visually appealing neckline. These fun rompers also have snap buttons for easy changes, a feature busy parents love.

Like all other Indigo & Lellow products, they’re soft, snuggly, and safe for sensitive baby skin.

Hot Air Balloon Bunny Kimono Romper

What’s better than a certified organic cotton romper specially designed to protect your baby’s delicate skin? One with an adorable bunny riding in a hot air balloon right front and center! At least, that’s our take.

That’s why we can’t stop gushing about this super cute and cozy spring romper.

children’s clothing done right

One of the reasons we love carrying Indigo & Lellow products is that they’re showing us what children’s clothing done right should look like. Not only are all their products visually appealing, but they’re also made from ethically sourced materials. They’re super touchable and soft, and they are designed to interact with the unique sensitivity of a baby’s skin.

In a world in which the most important thing to most businesses is simply their bottom line, we’ve become used to seeing brands compromise on their beliefs just to make a few quicker bucks.

Not so with Indigo & Lellow. They’re producing high-quality goods at high ethical standards.

And that’s just beautiful.

shop indigo & lellow at blaand

Here at Blaand Boutique, we care about providing a fun and fashionable environment for you and your family. To see more of our available products and pick up some regular tips, be sure to bookmark this page! You won’t want to miss a thing.

And remember: spring can be fleeting!

Come take a look and place your order soon so that you can enjoy your items while the season lasts.

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