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6 of our favorite fall ‘fits

As shadows lengthen and the days grow short, we’re all ready to pack away our summer tanks and shorts in favor of clothes that suit the season. Here at Blaand, we’re already deep in our fall mood, setting aside our light summer sets and rolling our favorite fall outfits.

6 of our favorite fall ‘fits

Though we’re excited about all our items here at Blaand Boutique, these six seasonal favorites are especially well-suited for this time of year. Take a look, pick a favorite, and order while items are still in stock!

Comfy But Cute Bundle

Frequently bought together, the items in the Comfy But Cute Bundle are each great on their own but even better together!

  • Round-neck long-sleeved Leo Shirt, perfect to keep the arms warm on a chilly afternoon play date
  • Soft Camel Jogger Pants
  • Casual but adorable tan Quinn Slip-ons

This fun fall outfit simply doesn’t miss!

Honey Cord Pull-On Trousers

These snuggly, easy-wear trousers are perfectly suited for the season! The soft, warm feel of these Honey Cord Pull-On Trousers is complemented by their warm color. Just the thing for a brisk toddle down the sidewalk, a romp in the apple orchard, or jumping in a pile of leaves!

Best of all? They’re made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Smiley Sweatshirt

Show off your joy in the changing seasons with this cozy cotton Smiley Sweatshirt! Designed for casual comfort, it’s still cute enough for a fall photoshoot!

Black Legend Print Top

Get your hands on one of these Black Legend Print Tops and let everyone know just who they’re dealing with!  This long-sleeved cotton jersey is warm enough to handle the seasonal temperature drops but still roomy and flexible enough to allow for energetic movement.

Note: For those who aren’t in the mood for black, this item also comes in Honey!

Steel Rib Bodysuit

Made from soft rib fabric, this Steel Rib Bodysuit seems specifically designed for sitting snug as a bug in a rug! We can’t think of a better way to glory in the feeling of fall than by sliding your little one into this cushy steel-gray bodysuit on a cold, hazy day.


Minky Dot Elephant Baby Security Blanket

As the summer fades to fall and fall into winter, you’ll want to take extra care to keep your baby feeling warm and safe at all times. We do this by comforting them both literally and figuratively, and with our Minky Dot Elephant Baby Security Blanket, you can take care of both!

This security blanket is warm and luxurious. Comfortable and soft for snuggling, the blanket can keep your baby physically warm while the animal head provides steady emotional support. Fortunately, it’s also machine washable, meaning you can easily keep it fresh and clean.

Minky Dot Giraffe Baby Security Blanket

Much like the blanket described above, the Minky Dot Giraffe Baby Security Blanket also provides physical and emotional comfort. The neutral gray tone of this adorable animal lovey will easily complement any of the outfits and items described on this list. With only a few left in stock for this season, you’ll want to order yours today.


Shop Fall Items Soon

Here at Blaand Boutique, we care about providing a fun and fashionable environment for you and your family. To see more of our available products and pick up some regular tips, be sure to bookmark this page! You won’t want to miss a thing.

Much like the fleeting nature of fall itself, our seasonal items tend to fly off the shelves rather quickly. Be sure to come take a look and place your order soon so that you can enjoy your items while the season lasts.

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